Helped me sort out a complicated real estate issue  2014

" I recommend Edward Kazaleh. ...We have a neighbor that damaged our property and I didn't know where to start. He gave me succinct, but thorough, suggestions, and I feel like I have a much better understanding now. He really seems to know government agency jurisdictions and guidelines."

Legal Services in a Construction Real Estate Lawsuit  2013

"We were very fortunate to have retained Edward Kazaleh as our attorney in a civil matter. Mr. Kazaleh's knowledge and expertise in the area of construction fraud is remarkable. Not only does he have a very broad range of legal experience, but he is also a graduate engineer, which made him uniquely qualified to analyze and dig up information which most attorneys would not have had the knowledge base and expertise to attempt - and he did it without having to consult with expert witnesses. 

Edward is a brilliant - and we mean brilliant - attorney. He is well-versed in any topic and quite amazed us with his knowledge. Just as meaningful was the integrity which Mr. Kazaleh displayed throughout the process. He remained in constant contact with us, keeping us appraised of the progress, consulting with us, and involving us every step of the way. Edward worked tirelessly and selflessly as he unraveled the layers of what turned out to be an extremely complex web. He showed genuine concern in proving the lack of merit of the case- not because it was his job as our attorney- but because he understood the deception involved in the claims and was determined to protect the name and integrity of his client. His jaw-dropping revelations to the opposing counsel left nothing unsaid. We consider Edward Kazaleh to be a trusted counsel and now a dear friend. Recommending an attorney to someone who is in a time of need and distress is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. 

That said, based on our personal experience and extensive interaction with him, we believe that Edward Kazaleh has the knowledge, skill, tenacity, demeanor, and integrity to represent his clients in the most professional manner, and we have no reservations about testifying to his qualifications and ethics."

He gave me the peace of mind I needed... 2013

"...about an incident that occurred in a store on Ft. Bliss. I wasn't aware that since the incident occurred on a military installation, the rules and regulations are not that of the state of Texas and therefore was willing to represent my case in the event I am to be taken to court. The peace of mind that was given to me is absolutely priceless. This is exactly what one looks for in a lawyer. If you're looking for a knowledgable lawyer, consider Edward James Kazaleh.

Legal Work on Business Dispute & Land Sale  2013

"Edward has not only helped me with numerous minor matters but represented me in a family matter.  He did far more than was needed and charged me far less than he was entitled to. I've known Ed for almost two years and he has been consistently considerate, honest, friendly, knowledgeable, and forthright with suggestions that I had not thought of but was glad to hear. 

He's one of the smartest people I know, and in my opinion he could be just as effective behind the bench as a Judge as before the bench as a litigator. I strongly recommend him for real estate development work and any legal cases that may involve litigation. In fact, Ed has my permission to give out my contact info to anyone who would like to speak with me."