To choose the right Attorney or Mediator to handle your most important matters,
insist on what really counts:

The best attorneys anticipate potential problems and give you the means to prevent or resolve them. We know how to protect your project, real estate deal or business venture up front so that you are not exposed to legal trouble later on. We don’t just file forms – our experience with cases like yours means that we can economically draft customized agreements that protect your interests and give you options.
As seasoned negotiators who have put our clients first and delivered results time and time again, we can help you avoid costly litigation and resolve your legal disputes through skilled negotiation. When litigation is unavoidable, our winning track record in lawsuits between large companies (or even between family members) is on your side.
Mediation is an alternative that gives parties far greater control of the dispute resolution process – when and how it ends and how much it will cost. No other legal process offers this advantage. We have delivered successful and affordable mediation services in many private disputes and court-appointed cases involving complex construction law, business, technical and personal issues.
With us you get what you signed up for, a Lawyer.   Some law firms pad their profits by delegating sensitive legal matters to inexperienced support staff, but billing at the senior partner’s rate. When you work with us, you don’t work with an assistant or gatekeeper – your case receives the full attention of a seasoned Lawyer at a fair and affordable rate.
You matter to us and we show it by treating you and your legal matters with respect. Our professional mission is to protect your interests and your dignity with diligence and integrity. All procedures and fees are explained in simple terms so that you can proceed with peace of mind. We take your calls directly and return all messages and case work promptly.


If a dispute arises, we have the experience to help you resolve it with minimal risk and litigation cost. We do what it takes to help you take on Goliath and win. As mediators, negotiators and trial lawyers, we have successfully represented individual and business 
4. GET RESULTS      
When litigation is unavoidable, we will fight aggressively and relentlessly for your interests, bringing the full weight of our experience and success as trial lawyers to bear on your case. We have fought and won many hard battles that resulted in large settlements for our Clients, through lawsuits in State and Federal Court and through Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Because we bring wide-ranging business expertise to the practice of law, we are often able to deliver value well beyond the expectations of our clients.
Because of our direct experience in construction, engineering, oil and gas, real estate and development projects, we are able to structure innovative outcomes that multiply the legal and financial benefits our clients receive.